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ElectrodriveElectrodrive is a family of three phase electronically commutated synchronous hub motors and generators based on our proprietary SDG construction. It employs high energy rare earth permanent magnets to maximize torque and efficiency and minimize mass enabling high torque and power densities, suitable for direct drive.

Electrodrive electric motors offer outstanding performance for today's and tomorrow's electric driven vehicles.

A brief introductory document is also available for download Electrodrive Introduction.pdf.
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ImageHybrid electric and electric vehicles of all kind are the primary target applications.
Other applications include forklifts, torque motors, machinery, positioners, manipulators and wind power plant generators.

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Electrodrive motors are designed for high torque and power to mass ratios. They utilize a compact and durable casing able to support full mass of a vehicle with bearings capable of withstanding high radial and axial loads. Due to low cogging torque and torque ripple they operate with low vibration and noise. Efficiency at nominal operating parameters exceedes 90%.