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Propulsion electric motor for the Hydrogenius project
We are glad to have an opportunity to cooperate with University of Stuttgart, Institute for Aircraft Design (IFB) on development of a propulsion electric motor for their fuel cell powered aircraft - Hydrogenius.

The Hydrogenius project aims to set new limits and open new frontiers in fuel cell powered air flight. We are proud to be a part of such a remarkable project.

First flights of an A30K016 electric motor
ImageThe A30K016 is propelling Pipistrels Taurus Electro on its first flights.
More info on www.pipistrel.si/news/725.
Research and development of torque dense electric machines
ImageSpecialized in a development of electric machines having high torque densities the Sineton company can offer solutions for the most demanding applications. We offer our assistance and expertise in all phases of product development including prototyping, testing and certifying.

SINETON_Introduction.pdf SINETON_Introduction.pdf (1.82 MB)
Airplane propulsion electric motor
A30K016Sineton has developed an electric motor in cooperation with Pipistrel company for propulsion of their Electro Taurus airplane which is currently under development.

SDG based electric machines
ImageSDG is our proprietary construction of synchronous electric machines. Due to advantages of symmetrical dual gap topology, electric motors and generators with very high torque and power densities can be built. SDG construction enables compact and lightweight electric machines with high torque and power to weight ratios, high efficiency and low noise and vibration. These properties make them especially suitable for direct drive.