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Synchronous electric motors Print
SDGOur main research and development effort is focused on the field of synchronous electric machines, especially brushless permanent magnet motors for direct drive applications. The result of many years of development is a novel SDG construction of synchronous multiphase electric machines. Advantages of the SDG construction include higher torque density and improved thermal issues compared to standard constructions.

Some of these issues are demonstrated by Electrodrive high performance synchronous electric motors and generators based on the SDG construction.

Advanced electric motors and generators Print
Electrodrive is a family of brushless permanent magnet synchronous electric motors and generators. Their design is based on our proprietary SDG construction and has been optimized for use in direct drive of electric driven vehicles. The following table shows some obtainable motor characteristics for different motor dimensions.

Peak torque
Max speed
P03 28M180D
  28  1207502600180  50  4,4
P03 70M252D-F
  70  3006002000252  62  8,2
P03 320M360D-F

ImageElectrodrive motors are usually designed as hub motors. They utilize a compact and durable casing able to support full mass of a vehicle, with bearings capable of withstanding high radial and axial loads. Casing can include integrated channels for a cooling medium. Standard wheel rims can easily be mounted to a motor.

A brief introductory document is also available for download Electrodrive Introduction.pdf.