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A30K016 is a three phase brushless permanent magnet synchronous electric motor. It has been developed to directly drive a propeller of an Electro Taurus airplane currently developed at Pipistrel company.

The primary design goal was to minimize weight resulting in a motor weighting 15,8 kg including a propeller flange. A30K016 has nominal torque of 160 Nm and short time peak torque in excess of 200 Nm. It has been designed for shaft rotational speeds up to 1800 RPM. It can deliver 30 kW of nominal power at 1800 RPM when exposed to an coaxial air flow of at least 90 km/h.

Photographs showing A30K016 from the front and the rear side.
 a30k016_1m.gif a30k016_3m.gif

Photographs taken at hand over of the first motor to Mr. Boscarol.
 a30k016_p1m.jpg A30K016 A30K016